Sustainable farming meets innovation.

PHITO is committed to empowering Small and Medium-sized Farmers (SMFs) through a farmer-centered app, paving the way for a sustainable future in agriculture.

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On 19 April, we held a workshop in Bugac with more than 20 participants. The aim of the event was to involve prospective users in the development of the application, which is planned within the

Empower­ing Farmers Worldwide.

At PHITO, we’re sowing the seeds of sustainable farming. Our free, user-friendly app will bring global data to your local fields, making farming innovation sustainable and accessible for all.

By contributing to an inclusive and environmentally conscious agricultural sector, PHITO strives for a future where productivity and sustainability go hand in hand.

Farming innovation for all.

Our mission is to provide accessible, user-friendly digital tools, addressing the challenges faced by SMFs worldwide in adopting digital innovations.

Our farmer-centered app delivers personalized, data-driven farming advice while facilitating collaborative interactions among farmers, consumers, and providers of agricultural goods and services.

Discover how PHITO is revolutionizing agriculture.

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PHITO is more than a project; it’s a global alliance of farmers, communities, and organizations. We work hand in hand with diverse food systems around Europe and the Carribean. 

Explore the rich tapestry of agricultural traditions, practices, and innovations that form the backbone of PHITO’s mission. Join us in this global journey towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

We are Phito.

Meet the partners who make it all possible. Discover the diverse team dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Explore the PHITO network.

How we make it happen.

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