Alpine Foothills food system.

In the Italian Alpine foothills, 137,412 ha of hilly farmland face erosion and drought. Digital tools help 20,000 small farms, half under 5 ha, manage these challenges

Alpine Foothills factsheet.

Average Farmer Age



Erosion, seasonal drought or flood risk


Fragmented AKIS, partially high-value market (viticulture)
Median Farm Size
< 0 ha
Farmer Network

Type of

Hilly cultivations (fruits, grapes), lowland crops (cabbage, beans, cereals, horticulture)

About the Alpine Foothills food system.

These 137,412 ha of mostly hillslope perennial cultivations in the foothills of the Italian Alps are hosting 20,000 SMFs (half of which <5 ha). Soil loss is a common challenge inherent to the steep-slope and wet conditions, while periodic drought urges farmers to install irrigation systems. Digital data (e.g. mapping and forecasting) is invaluable for SMFs for coping with erosion and drought conditions.

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